Whether your goal is to build muscle, increase flexibility or burn calories we offer a variety of classes taught by experienced fitness professionals.

Step – Burn calories, build stamina, and strengthen your heart with this fast paced classic!

Total Body – This is a full-body weight lifting class targeting all muscle groups! Strengthen, tone, and burn calories using barbells, dumbbells, exercise balls, and benches. This class is perfect for all fitness levels.

Boot Camp – Full-body and high-intensity training using a variety of modalities. Be prepared to have fun and get sweaty! All fitness levels are welcome.

Spin – Ride yourself into shape with this low impact and high-intensity workout! Great music and a motivating instructor are the perfect combination to help you reach your fitness goals!

Water Aerobics – Water aerobics are a fun, safe, and effective way to exercise for all ages. This class is highly recommended for beginners or anyone recovering from injury. This is a no impact workout using water as resistance to build strength.

HIIT – aka “High-Intensity Interval Training” includes all modalities. Challenging and modifiable, this class is great for all fitness levels. So, come join this class for some serious exercise!


Strength & Cardio – A lot of work will be done in both the strength and cardio departments, using body weight movements and resistance. As usual, all fitness levels are welcome. 

Barre Fusion –A Barre Fusion class is a workout done with a ballet barre, formatted to get your heart pumping. This workout is designed to increase your cardiovascular strength while helping you to tone, sculpt, and lengthen your muscles from head to toe.